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 About Us

Roland Palucci founded Star Machine in 1982 with partner Richard Hickey (Dick). Dick bought out Roland in 1989 to become sole owner and operator of Star Machine. Ever since, Star Machine has offered custom components to surrounding businesses differentiating itself through Quality, Reliability, Flexibility, with fair and honest pricing. These are the traits that have grown our business and maintained its reputation for more than 30 years. In 2006 Kirk Boudreau became Richard's business partner, after being a key member of the team for over 20 years.

Congratulations to Kirk on becoming the sole owner of Star Machine; also to Richard (Dick) who retired in 2015.

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...Precision Machining Solutions!
...Quality, Reliability, Flexibility!
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Star Machine is a precision machine shop capable of handling small run parts. We are a customer oriented shop that works closely with you or your technical staff to machine parts from drawings or CAD files. Star Machine is dedicated to being flexible in order to handle the person walking in from the street with a single part need to a large company needing quick turn multiple parts solutions. Throughout the years in operation, Star Machine has compiled and maintains a large and varied list of external resources to use as needed to fulfill your unique applications.


Kirk Boudreau has been a key member of Star Machine since 1995 and oversees daily operations as Owner/President of Star Machine. Kirk has over 30 years of both manual and C&C machining experience, starting his trade through studies in a Vocational Technical High School and Vocational Technical College. Kirk brings classic and modern machining methods together resulting in the best solution to match your needs.
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